Web Design for Evangelical Churches, Ministries, and Missionaries

Web Design that partially supports missions in Romania
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Our services

Website Design

We provide website design for Churches, ministries, and missionaries.  Our goal is to help your ministry grow through well-designed websites.

Website Design

Need a great website?  Look no further.  Our ministry sites are designed to fit your Church or nonprofit, and we also offer website edits in our pricing, so you wouldn’t have to pay extra.  The only extra cost is if there are any paid plugins you want on your website or any special requests.  We don’t provide a giving platform, but we know of several good ones for you to try and use.  We’ll help you get it on your site.

Branding & Logo

While we don’t do Church branding and logo design ourselves, we know good freelancers who do great work.  Let us know if you want to work with them, and we’ll be the go-between to get you great logos and branding at affordable prices.

Content Strategy

Need a blog on your site?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that, too!


Your portal is customizable directly for your Church, meaning the members and guests don’t even know who created it – it looks like your ministry created it.

(Almost) Unlimited

There are very few limits on your portal.  Even the amount of users are unlimited.  Storage is very high within the platform.

The main thing is that this is for guests and members to communicate with your ministry, not that your users (guests and/or members) can communicate with each other.


Email Marketing, LMS, forms, automation, internal pages, and much, much more!

Church Portal

Do you need a way to turn your guests into engaged Church members and keep track of your guests and members (or for nonprofits, strangers into donors)?  Use the portal included in your package.  Don’t pay extra per user – one simple price for your website and portal – plus, you get a branded app for your portal as well (and no need to go through the app stores – you get it even easier than that!).  This portal is constantly updated with new and improved features.


What is a CRM tool for Evangelical Churches?

A CRM is a combination of multiple tools with a simple interface. The purpose of a CRM for Churches is to make it easier for churches to communicate and maintain records of their guests, members, volunteers, potential donors and donors.

Plus, the CRM we give you access to can be completely branded to your Church and give your guests and members access to a portal.

If social media is free, why should Churches get a website?

Unlike social media, websites allow you to customize the guest or member’s experience on the site. Plus, you own the content, not a third party. A website will help save you money by reducing the number of times you have to hand out flyers. Social media is great, but it takes time to build a following and monetize your page. It’s still good to post on social media, but the website remains your content.

Do you help Churches optimize their websites for search engines?

While this isn’t a part of our services, we can give you a quote for SEO for your Church website. The reason we don’t include it in our pricing is because Search Engine Optimization can get expensive.

Can you add a blog to our Church website?

Absolutely! We can do that. Plus, if you use a tool to manage your social media (and you do that on your own, not through a Marketing agency), we can also help you set up your RSS feed so that every time a new blog is published, it will also post it to social media as well (we won’t run your social media, just help by automating the posting of your blog to social media).

Why MissionSites360?

Do you want to grow your church? A website will help you expand and reach your congregation, but we can help you implement an automation CRM tool that will help your church as well as its staff and volunteers enter directly from your website.  Plus, it also includes a Church portal your guests and members can access.  Also, while this particular offering is new, our company, FaithVenture Media, has been in business and helping clients since 2017.

MissionSites360 Pricing

Do you offer solutions for businesses?

Yes, we do.  We offer the same offering to businesses, but at a different price.  Check out BizSites360 by clicking the button below: